Target Group: Aids Awareness and Education

Patrick4Life Aids Awareness and Education

Patrick4Life is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating youth about the prevention of HIV and AIDS. The organization creates awareness and advocates through education, leadership, fundraising and partnerships, community by community.

Centred in the Nipissing Parry Sound area Patrick4Life programs can be found in several school districts.  Recently programs have been initiated in Haileybury and along the James Bay Coast.


About Patrick Fortin



Patrick was born June 26th, 1978 and diagnosed a severe hemophiliac. To manage his bleeding disorder, Patrick required bi-weekly factor VIII infusions.  In the early to mid-1980s the Canadian blood supply was contaminated with the HIV virus and as a result, Patrick, at the age of 7, was diagnosed as being HIV positive.


Patrick’s HIV status remained undisclosed for 10 years. Even though his childhood included numerous visits to the hospital, Patrick enjoyed many activities. He was a talented athlete, a gifted musician and a student of life.


In 1995, Patrick chose to disclose his HIV status to family and friends and received acceptance and support. He found courage and used his story to educate and help others become aware of the disease. Students in North Bay cherish their memories of Patrick; the young man with AIDS who broke down stigmas and myths with facts.


Patrick would be proud that through his enduring spirit we continue to raise HIV and AIDS awareness in our schools and in our communities. His story is one of courage and of determination through adversity. Patrick’s legacy lives in the youth of today who are moving his dream forward: 0 AIDS.

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Patrick4Life Aids Awareness and Education
Christine Fortin, Founder and Vice-President


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