Weeneebayko Area Health Authority - Mental Health

A Regional Mental Health program serves all communities and the James Bay Ambulance Service provides pre-hospital care in Moosonee, Moose Factory, Fort Albany and Attawapiskat. The total catchment area for the James Bay Coast is 11,000 people. A strong link is in place with the Weeneebayko General Hospital located on Moose Factory Island, 3 miles from Moosonee. Physician services for all JBGH sites are provided from Weeneebayko General Hospital and this Federal Hospital also provides in patient services for Moosonee and is the Regional Referral Hospital for the James Bay Coast. Physician visits are provided to Attawapiskat , Fort Albany and Moosonee. Referral services and tertiary care beyond Weeneebayko General Hospital is provided by Kingston General Hospital and the Timmins and District Hospital. A charter aircraft provides services to Kingston for entitled aboriginal patients requiring diagnostic tests and specialist care. Many Specialists also visit the area to provide services on-site in the communities.

Contact Information for Regional Mental Health:

Christine Maybee, Program Director (705) 336-2164 ext. 422
Nick Lazarus, Team Leader (705) 336-2164 ext. 423

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