Bruce Ferguson Day Away Fireside Chat

Dr. Bruce Ferguson accepted the invitation of the Student Support Leadership Cluster # 14 leaders to address and enter into a dialogue with respect to child and youth mental health.  The session was held at the Cedar Meadows Resort in Timmins Februrary 7, 2012 with approximately 21 participants representing the two local district school boards, the school authorities and a large number of child and youth serving agencies/organizations.  Participants included representation from all along the Highway 11 corridor, Timmins and the James Bay Lowlands.
Information about the session is provided as follows ... please follow the highlighted links:
  1. Session notes...(PDF Download)
  2. Overview of Ontario Provincial Child and Youth Mental Health Initiative 2011-2014...(PDF Download)
  3. Dr. Bruce Ferguson brief bio...(PDF Download)
  4. Selected references for Dr. Ferguson... (PDF Download)
For further information about the session please contact Colin Vickers, SSL Cluster # 14 Lead by EMAIL.