New Links

Here are some links that are new to our portal ...
  • the site for the Canadian Centre for Child Protection featuring information about personal safety, child sexual abuse prevention, internet safety, etc.
  • the site for Jack Project dedicated to to support our youth as they transition from late high school into their years of college, university or independent living, helping them to achieve and sustain their optimal mental health.  The site provides infomation and links about Online - Counselling and Support System; In-School - Model of Care and best practices Toolbox; etc.
  • the site of the Mental Health First Aid training initiative.  This organization has an affilitation with with the Jack Project.
  • the site of Mobilizing Minds: Pathways to Young Adult Mental Health, a 5-year national young adult mental health project led by young adults, community organizations, researchers, health professionals and experts in knowledge mobilization and youth engagement. We are working together to develop evidence-based mental health resources and decision-making aids that will assist young adults (and those who support them) in making informed decisions about their mental health and treatment options.  This program focuses on the 18 to 25 age group
  • is affiliated with the Canadian Centre for Child Protection and featuresage specific "unlocked" internet safety information for parents, students and "everyone else."