Ontario College Professional Learning Certificate in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

I am pleased to announce the launch of an Ontario College Certificate in Child and Adolescent Mental Health.  This is the outcome of collaboration between Student Support Leadership Cluster # 14 and Northern College.  This certificate was developed to meet a need expressed by a number of our cluster members and organizations.  It is available through Distance Learning (blended on-line delivery.)  Thus it is accessible to everyone who meets the admission requirement especially people located in remote communities as well as those who see the distance learning as a good fit with their work situation.  There are 12 modules including communication and report writing plus a capstone consolidation.  Students can take one, several or all of the modules.  Those completing the entire program will receive a College certificate.  This program has been approved by the Province of Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

At a time when there is significant interest and a growing need for professional learning opportunities with respect to child and youth mental health, this program promises to assist a wide variety of professionals and others interested in this important work.  For example teachers holding a special education qualification may wish to enhance their understanding of students facing mental health issues; an educational assistant might wish to upgrade qualifications; or, a police officer may wish to gain insight by taking one or two modules.

I have attached a copy of the promotional flyer.  It provides a “live link” to further information about courses and registration.  While this began as a NE Ontario project, it is our hope that there will be participation from across the province and beyond!

I would be extremely grateful if you would promote this program through your organization and professional contacts.  Specific information can be found on line or by calling/e-mailing Diane Leblond at Northern College (705.235.3211 ext 2294 or mailto:leblondd@northern.on.ca.  As well, I would be happy to address any general questions.


Colin Vickers, Cluster # 14 Lead  mailto:colin.vickers@ontera.net or 705-494-8494