Service Levels

Crisis Services / Assessment / Stabilization


Children and youth in acute behavioural and mental health crisis represent approximately 1% of our population.  Crisis Services include assessment and stabilization, partnering with other service providers in the community to advocate for adequate mental health crisis intervention and treatment capacity to address the needs of children and youth in our communities; and partnering in the delivery of those services whenever appropriate.

Crisis or emergency situations can occur in the life of any child, youth or their family. As well, crisis events may take place within a school, the community or at a national level. In such circumstances, immediate supports and intervention may be necessary. 

In an immediate crisis, the Police and/or an ambulance should be called.
Information about available crisis services in the Highway 11 Corridor and Moosonee/Moose Factory region can be accessed through this link: SEARCH FOR SERVICES.

The natural, caring relationships that have been developed within the school environment, along with the support of family and friends, are also very significant resources for a child or youth in crisis.

The following information sheets may be useful in guiding how that support is offered:

Coping with Crisis
Managing a crisis in the school setting
Threat Assessment